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women empowering women {Soap Hope}


What does soap, skincare, bodycare, cosmetics, bath, and home products have in common?   Well, for one,  they are  products that we use each and every day.  Another, is that the purchase of these commonplace items can benefit women and children across the globe.  That’s right, with Soap Hope, you can find tons of household items that are of premium quality, and empower women you’ve never met who desperately need you.

Soap Hope was started with a simple idea: to provide healthful, wholesome, top-of-the-line products to customers – then use all of profits to help women in need around the world.   Companies have come together for this same simple idea, companies like BioKleen, Pangea Organics, Indigo Wild, and more.   A wide range of products are produced with care and expertise for you to enjoy in your home.  100% of the profits are then invested into women’s programs.  These programs provide education and financial opportunities to women who would otherwise be destitute-and without hope.   The funds created are called Good Returns, which are then given back to Soap Hope in time, and the cycle of hope continues.  Soap Hope believes that every woman in the world who wants an opportunity to support herself and her family, should have that opportunity.  That is how this business model was created.  Simply put, every dollar of profit earned by a Good Returns company goes first to a nonprofit institution that uses it to empower zum bars - soap hopewomen.  After those profits have spent a year in the service, the money is returned to Soap Hope.  It’s like the Peace Corps for money: they volunteer every dollar for a year of service.  Soap Hope wishes to inspire other companies to join in on the Good Returns model, expanding the work done.  According to Soap Hope, it will only take 50 companies in 20 cities across America to create one billion dollars for women worldwide.  I’m looking at all of you entrepreneurs.

So why choose women in specific?  Soap Hope believes that women are the key to ending poverty.  Women typically save more, invest more, and are more likely to use their earnings to educate their children, therefore breaking the cycle of poverty.  And why not use successful women to lift up developing women by selling products that all women need-soaps, suds, and blush?  This way, all women are empowered.  love it.

I had the opportunity to try out a few of the products sold by Soap Hope and I have to say they were all impressive.  The Zum Bar Soap by Indigo Wild is a favorite of mine.  They have a perfect lather and are so fragrant.  I am not surprised, as that is what I have come to learn about goat’s milk soap.  They offer a wide variety of scents including some of my favorites like cedar, lemon-sage, sea salt, and tea tree- citrus.  These are the only bars of soap I allow in my house now-I kid you not.  Try out a mix of products and join the mission to lift up your fellow woman.  Don’t be startled when your product arrives in an “ugly box.”  Your products are shipped using scraps of cardboard right off the warehouse floor.  This is not only eco-friendly, it is pocket-friendly, and keeps the money where it needs to be- in the women’s programs.  love it again.

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