winter wonderland thank you cards and other activities for sick kids


Well guys, you did it! You pulled off another amazing Christmas. It’s been a little over a week and therefore time to get those thank you cards in the mail. Since I always like to multi-task, I prefer to turn thank you cards into an arts and crafts activity the kids can mostly do on their own. This year I decided to go with a winter wonderland theme and with the kids sick (still/again… I’m losing track) it was the perfect sicky afternoon activity.

The weeks of and after Christmas were pretty sick around here. Our friends are sick, our neighbors are sick… it’s everywhere. Luckily, it has just been that long, mild type of bug. You know the kind – the sneezey, coughy, sleepy breed. Needless to say, we have been going through massive amounts of Kleenex, which I’ve been stocking up on in bulk at Walmart. I prefer the Soothing Lotion variety to fight the aggravation and tenderness that can come from constant nose blowing.


When I left the house this morning to go shopping for thank you card supplies, I was thinking lofty. I was thinking explosion cards, pop up cards… Eventually, I came back down to Earth and decided to keep it simple and 100% kid-friendly. There was still quite a bit of Christmas stuff still out (and on extreme sale) so I decided to go the winter route – snowflakes, snowmen, white, blue, glitter, etc.

Christmas Thank You Card Idea – Winter Wonderland

Here’s what you need to gather for these easy and fun winter wonderland cards:

  • card stock (shades of blue, shades of grey, white)
  • letter stamps
  • winter-themed stamps (snowflakes, snowmen trees, deer, etc)
  • stamp ink pads (black, silver, light blue, gold)
  • white paint + brushes/sponges
  • silver glitter
  • winter-themed washi tape

I also found these foam snowmen that fit well inside the cards… optional but they were my 4 year old’s favorite part.

We’re an outdoorsy type of family and we all truly go stir-crazy if we’re inside for too long. Alas, we all get sick from time to time and have to stay at home. Staying home sick doesn’t have to just mean crashing out in front of the TV (though a little of that is good too).  Here are some fun, low key, low energy activities for sick kids:

activities for sick kids

  • snail mail creations: thank you cards, just to say hello notes, holiday cards, pen pal letters
  • seasonal arts & crafts: check Pinterest
  • school workbooks: take this downtime to work on sticky subjects or learn something new
  • build a fort: make it real big
  • spa day: turn the bathroom into a sauna, lay around in robes, manicure nails, drink herbal water
  • movie marathon: create a theme (80’s, princess, superhero, etc)
  • story time: read together, either aloud or quiet depending on age and discuss like a book club

It can be hard to create magical moments when the kids are down in the dumps, but sick days do present the opportunity. I think other moms would agree – the upside to a sick kid is they slow down. A sick kid wants to cuddle and be taken care of and isn’t bouncing off the walls. So a sick day is a great time to really bond with your children and create something wonderful.

It’s also a great time to get glitter everywhere. :/

For sure, you don’t need to be sick to need to keep Kleenex in stock. We use them every day for one reason or another so you will always find a stack under the bathroom sinks. I tend to buy certain things at certain places (do you do that too?) and Kleenex are always on my Walmart list. If you caught my last post with my new jammies found at Walmart, you already know I’m a fan!

Our Walmart has a display in the aisle full of bulk size Kleenex, so pick your favorite design and stock up. There are several different types, but like I mentioned before, the Soothing Lotion is perfect for cold and flu season! You also have the option of ordering online with free 2 day shipping. Order now ->> Kleenex at Walmart

Did your kids create thank you notes this year?

I may not have gotten around to sending Christmas cards this year, but at least I checked this one off!

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