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Wean Green {Back 2 School Set}

Over the last few years my family has transitioned from using plastic to glass food storage. There is something so clean about glass and just knowing that nothing is leaching into your food while it’s being stored gives you peace of mind. With the start of school just around the corner, we need to start thinking about the best solutions when it comes to preparing and storing our children’s lunches.

The Canadian company, Wean Green has created some fabulous glass food storage containers. Their Back 2 School Set is the perfect solution for keeping your kid’s food safe from leaching toxic containers and wasteful plastic bags, plus it’s a wonderful way to teach your child about reusing.  The set includes 1 Lunch Cube, 1 Wean Tub and 1 Wean Cube. The Lunch Cube is a great size for pasta, salads, and cut up meat and veggies. It won’t fit a regular slice of bread, unless you cut it up into squares or use as sandwich shape cutter. The Wean Tub is the perfect size for carrot sticks and other snacks. Lastly, the Wean Cube is small enough to hold sauces, dressing and yogurt. The glass containers use Glasslock lids, locking and securing the food items inside and providing a completely leak-proof container. They are also the perfect size for any lunch bag or box and come with stylish colorful lids.

I know what you are thinking: glass and kids, YIKES! Wean Green’s containers are made of tempered glass, which is physically stronger than regular glass, making them unlikely to break. I decided to put the containers to the test, just to see if they really wouldn’t break.  I brought the Wean Cube with the lid on, outside and placed it on the arm of a chair. I knocked it over onto the hard concrete patio at least 15 times and the glass never broke! I was pleasantly surprised and no longer have reservations about my child bringing the Wean Green Back 2 School Set in her lunchbox.

Melissa Gunning, the hard-working mom of two little “weaners” founded Wean Green in 2008. Wean Green’s objective is to provide eco-friendly and safe baby products to parents looking for an alternative to the norm.  They have also partnered up with 1% For the Planet, an organization that receives 1% of their member’s sales and distributes it to environmental groups around the world.

Get back to school ready and feel good about what you’re storing your child’s lunch in! Purchase the Wean Green Back 2 School Set for $16.99 here.

Special thanks to Wean Green for providing the Back 2 School Set to facilitate this review.

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