ways to expand your child’s vocabulary at home

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I’ve never been so wonderful at math, but I’ve always had a great vocabulary. I can honestly say I owe it to comic books and teen thriller novels. My parents followed the philosophy that it didn’t matter WHAT I was readying, just as long as I was reading – and oh boy, did I read. I’ve kept their same mindset with my daughter and love that she (finally) truly enjoys reading in her spare time. Their are other ways to expand your vocab like…

Words With Friends 2

This app is by far my favorite way to word-play with my daughter (and also other friends and family across the country). As the world’s most popular mobile word game, WWF2 is the perfect way to not only pass time but help your child build a better vocabulary. If they are competitive, they will really put a lot into the game. My daughter and I play every day, in the mornings, on lazy summer afternoons, winding down at night or out when we are bored like when we’re watching her little brother play with friends at the park.

read the same books

The best way to lead is by example, so it’s always positive reinforcement for your child to see you reading for pleasure. Kick up their excitement a notch by reading the same book. My daughter reads faster when we are both reading the same book and when you’re done, you have the opportunity to talk about and reflect on the book.

put the closed caption on

Remember those read along DVDs for kids? Same principle. When we’re watching shows or movies together that are for a more mature crowd, I put the closed captioning on for my daughter. She actually loves it and has not only learned new words but improved her spelling at the same time.

magazine subscriptions

Everyone loves receiving mail, so magazines are a little bit more fun than buying a new book. There are quite a few awesome, educational magazine subscriptions out there, but even the not so educational ones are also great. Remember, it doesn’t matter WHAT they read, only that they do read.

In the busy world we live in, apps keep us connected. I absolutely love playing Words With Friends 2 with my loved ones near and far. It’s a fun way to exercise your brain and also say hello. I can always tell when my daughter can’t sleep – she’ll play a word in the middle of the night.

Do you have Words With Friends 2 downloaded onto your phone or tablet? Put those electronic devices to good use and start a game with your child or teen today! Challenge each other and encourage your kids to feel empowered by their expansive vocabulary!

download Words With Friends 2 here!


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