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multitasking luxury item {Votre Vu}

I keep everything in my purse. This way when we need to run out the door, we can do so and not have to worry about needing things. Protein bar? Check! Dental floss? Check! Check book? Check! This also means that my purse can get pretty crammed. Two things that I seem to run out of the door without putting on is my hand lotion and lipgloss. Not sure how this happens every single day, but it does. So trying to feel around in my purse for my small lipgloss is usually unsuccessful. After the extended period of time of me looking, I usually find it. Only issue then is that I’m way to annoyed at this point to find my hand lotion. So either I need to tone down the contents of my purse, or I need another plan. Needless to say, finding Votre Vu’s Bebe Duette was perfect for me.

Votre Vu’s Bebe Duetteis a dynamic duo of a lipgloss and hand lotion in one. It’s prefect because I reach into my bag and I can always find it within seconds. The top cap opens up to reveal a small round mirror along with their nourishing lip balm. The clear balm is made from coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax, your lips will be perfectly conditioned with a light and natural coconut flavor. They also have the Framboise (raspberry) lip balm. This is made from coconut, sunflower and premiere pressed castor oils along with shea butter and beeswax. This is in an extremely sheer red color that is just enough of a hint to give your lips some color, but not too much where it overpowers. I adore the shine my lips have after applying. Plus inside you’ll find vitamin E infused with anti-aging to keep your lips looking youthful. lastly, it’s topped off with UV filters to add protection to your lips when out in the sun’s harmful rays.

The second, or lower cap on the tube reveals a lovely hand creme. The delicious smell of almonds and coconut are truly intoxicating. They aren’t too strong to overpower you, just enough to entice your nose to keep wanting to smell more. In this lotion, you’ll find sunflower, grape seed and jojoba oils combined with aloe, wheat proteins and natural sun filters. Absolutely luxurious, your hands will never be greasy, just completely nourished. The Luxe Hand Creme also contains sun filters for UVA/UVB protection to maintain skin tone.

Head over to Votre Vu and check out their wonderful multi-tasker for the busy mom, Bebe Duette. Never be caught searching in your purse again. This two in one product will be your favorite on-the-go must have!

Special thanks to Votre Vu for providing a sample for review purposes.

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