Vintage Aprons by Jessie Steele {baking in style}

I love to bake, and recently realized I was in need of a new apron. I did not want to settle for a common, everyday store-bought apron, so I decided to do some looking online. After scoping out a few sites, I found the innovative Jessie Steele.

There were so many selections that I loved, which made it difficult to decide on a pattern.  Talking with the company, they steered me in the right direction.  They proceeded to send me two sample review aprons; one for myself, and one for my 3 year old daughter, in the most adorable cupcake print ever.  My daughter was so excited to have her own personal apron to help me in the kitchen.   She is already picking up on my love for baking, which is something we can continue to do in the future–mom and daughter.  I was very impressed by the quality when I pulled the aprons out of their package.  The material is soft yet durable and the design is perfect.  The shape forms to the body so well, creating a sexy, stylish look. The fit, coupled with the vintage feel made me feel like I should be in the centerfold of a magazine.  With so many styles to choose from, you can truly find the ideal one for you (and your daughter).  See little girls baking in their Jessie Steele aprons in a feature below called Baking Party!

Graciously Jessie Steele is offering a promo code just for ITKM readers!  Starting today, October 26, until November 2nd you can enter the promo code INTHEKNOW on Jessie Steele and receive 20% off every product they offer!

Not only do they have beautifully designed aprons for the kitchen, but they also carry Salon aprons and capes, oven mitts, cleaning gloves (with style!), and even pajamas. To think that all of these amazing products came from a mother/daughter team with the aspiration to bring back the hostess apron is not only impressive, but inspiring. I would say that they did a pretty good job of accomplishing their dream and, I don’t know about you, but I think I will be heading over to take advantage of this discount and pick up some really impressive Christmas gifts for my loved ones!

Special thanks to Jessie Steele for providing products for review purposes.

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