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vegan fridge staples + how to organize your fridge like a champ

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I have been wanting to share what’s in my vegan fridge for awhile now, and I’ve finally got the chance. Making the leap to vegan can seem daunting as you wonder what you need in your fridge, freezer and pantry. I hope I can take a bit of the mystery away today. What spurred this post was some deep clean kitchen work this morning, which included my fridge. I had some expired and questionable items lurking in the depths that had to go and organized, it was not. With all kinds of tiny hands popping into the fridge all day, it can be difficult to keep it organized – but I have some tips down below my vegan fridge list.

vegan fridge essentials

Of course, my fridge contents change from week to week, but there are definite essentials that I always keep in stock. If you want to stick with your vegan lifestyle/diet, you really have to keep your fridge full of vegan options. Find your favorites and always have them!

fruits and vegetables

When you enjoy life as a vegan, you should embrace fruits and vegetables of all kinds. What you keep in your fridge will change with the seasons, but make sure to keep a full color spectrum of fresh produce from apples and berries to leafy greens and squash. I fully believe if you make produce the star of your meals, you will be a happier vegan – so experiment and enjoy!

dairy substitutes

One of the trickiest parts  (maybe THE trickiest) of going vegan is definitely finding great swaps for dairy. There are quite a few options, so you’ll just have to try them all and see which brands/types you like best. At any given time in my fridge, you will find these swaps:

  • dairy-free butter spread
  • dairy-free milk
  • dairy-free cheese
  • dairy-free sour cream
  • dairy-free coffee creamer
  • dairy-free cream cheese
  • dairy-free yogurt

plant-based proteins

When swapping out animal protein, you need to replace it with plant protein. It isn’t hard to find it all over the veggie kingdom from grains like quinoa to nuts, beans, soy, even vegetables like kale and mushrooms. For the sake of quick and easy meals, you should also stock up on ready-made vegan protein products. While lots of my vegan proteins are in the freezer (chikn strips, vegan burgers, etc), I also keep these in my fridge, ready to go:

  • tofu
  • tempeh
  • vegan sausages
  • soy chorizo
  • vegan lunch meats
  •  **I am also gluten-free but another popular mock meat is wheat gluten, aka seitan

condiments, spreads

  • vegan mayo
  • dijon mustard, whole grain mustard
  • harissa paste
  • miso paste
  • curry paste
  • tahini
  • liquid smoke
  • liquid aminos
  • vegan dressings, marinades
  • vegetable broth

other favorite things

  • vegan egg
  • nutritional yeast (this is a pantry item but SO KEY)
  • hummus
  • nut butters
  • pizza dough

how to organize a healthy fridge

Now that you have your shopping done, it’s time to organize it all in the fridge

specialized containers

The best thing I ever did for my fridge was buy clear containers to help organize my items (but still be able to see them). You can find all kinds of these clear organizers from rectangular bins for anything to egg or wine or soda can specific.

organize food groups

Just like storing produce together in the crisper drawers, storing food groups together in the fridge helps keep things organized. First, purchase bins like above. Then sort like products for each bin. I have a bread bin/area, a meat/cheese bin and a dairy bin. I’ve also organized my fridge in meals – so a breakfast area, lunch area, dinner area. A breakfast bin can be really helpful for guests.

organize the doors

First, never put your milk in the door since the temperature fluctuates too much. Instead, keep your condiments, sauces, dressings and beverages like water, kombucha and juices here. Try to keep like-products together so you can easily find items and know what you’ve run out of.

organize produce by humidity

To get the most shelf life out of your produce, you really have to store them right. Different types of plants do well with different types of storage (like asparagus in a jar with a little water, same for herbs). As a general rule, you’ll hear store fruits in low humidity and vegetables in high humidity. There are exceptions, but that is generally true.

leftovers in the middle

With your milk up high and your meats down low… if you’re a meat-eater than you should keep raw meats on the bottom shelf… But anyway, reserve a middle shelf for leftovers and ready-to-eat or heat-and-eat foods. Store leftovers in clear containers so you’re more likely to eat them before you forget about them.

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