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user-friendly modern highchair {Joovy Nook}

There are a few staples that every house with a new baby needs.  These big ticket items are products like cribs, strollers, carseats, and highchairs.  The typical mom pours over the multitude available and it can be very overwhelming to choose just one (or two).  I suppose that is our main job here on ITKM: to sort through the mountains of merchandise and come back with only the best.  Good thing we all really enjoy the hunt!

I checked in with Joovy to see what they had new and available.  Joovy is a family run, US-based company that excels in high quality family gear; and a brand I trust.  Well it was a smart move, as I  have got a perfect highchair for you!  The Joovy Nook is the most user-friendly highchairs that I have seen in a long time.  Before we get to the functions, let’s talk aesthetics.  The Nook is a modern, stream-lined high chair that comes in 4 pleasing colors (white and black being leatherette).  We maintain a very modern, clean lined, simple home, so anything different would be a total eyesore in our house.  There is absolutely no excuse at this point to sacrifice style for baby.

Having said that, let’s talk about the extreme convenience of the Nook.  I went with the white leatherette seat, which makes clean up a breeze.  Messes simply wipe right off.  You can also remove the seat cover to wash.  The top clear tray pops off and is dishwasher safe!  This sends your clean-up time into the minute category.  But there is more to convenience than washability.   What about those back breaking moments trying to pick your baby up and over the tray?  Well the Nook tray base swings out, making it a breeze to load your little on into the seat.

Removable dishwasher-safe top tray (both trays are removable), whole tray swung out increasing ease of baby placement in harness.

The seat is ultra safe as is contains a 5 point harness.  Another safety feature here is that the highchair doesn’t recline, as it shouldn’t.  Your baby should always be sitting up right when eating.  Since the highchair will hold up to 50 lbs, Joovy kept in mind that you may have older babes in the chair.  They placed a perfect foot rest for the ultimate comfort of your child.  Here is the cherry on top – the high chair completely collapses into a very manageable size (FLAT).  It seriously goes down with one hand in a matter of seconds.  I have seen collapsible highchairs before, but none that go quite this flat.  Since the chair only weighs about 15 lbs and has a sturdy handle, you can easily tote it around.  So if you need to bring a high chair somewhere, the Nook is the obvious choice.  This is also great it if you don’t want your highchair taking up needed space when not being used; or for making your space look more adult during dinner parties.

Single-hand collapsible into completely flat transportable chair (notice carrying handle)

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Special thanks to Joovy for providing a sample for review purposes.

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