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convenience in a cup holder {Valco Baby}

Valco BabyCup holders. They’re a stroller essential, but sometimes they’re more hazardous than helpful. You can’t really expect that built in cup holder to hold anything more than your keys when it’s barely 2 inches deep, can you? Not really. You can either give it a whirl anyway and pack an extra towel and dress your kid in a wetsuit, or you can attach Valco Baby’s universal cup holder.

Valco Baby’s universal cup holder can attach to most strollers and holds up to a 1 liter bottle. In my opinion, if your stroller has a handle, it attaches. And installation can’t be any easier! All that’s required is sliding the holder over the bar (Valco Baby recommends not installing over the grip because it could possibly leave a mark or tear the material) and twist the end back on. No tools needed! It took me less than 5 minutes to install mine and that’s including taking it out of the package. And the angle of the bar doesn’t matter either because of the pivoting holder, which allows you to adjust it to be perfectly upright. The main feature that sets this product apart from similar ones are the plastic prongs lining the inside that flex around the cup or bottle you place inside. These prongs keep your contents from flopping and spilling all over the place. I always have water with me, and therefore my Valco Baby cup holder gets a lot of use. And just so you know, I installed my cup holder on an umbrella type stroller, and these types of strollers tend to have thinner frames. It’s on there nice and tight and doesn’t get in the way when I need to fold the stroller up and put it

It’s the little things that make life easier, and Valco Baby is the company to turn to when your stroller is missing that little something. The cup holder costs only $14.99, which is a small price to pay for unyielding convenience! And not only do they have cup holders, but they have everything ranging from car seat adaptors to travel bags to so much more! Check out their website to see all the other cool products they have and follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the know.

Product was provided by Valco Baby to facilitate this review; all opinions are 100% my own.

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