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ultimate shopping cart & high chair cover {Balboa Baby}

Balboa babyAll shopping cart/high chair covers are created equal, right? Well, in all honestly I thought so! I adored my cover when my daughter was a baby and I lugged it with me everywhere. It was a staple in the back of my truck. It was bulky and annoying to carry around. I was so excited when I found Balboa Baby’s cover. It looked like the new/improved version.

At first I looked at Balboa Baby’s cover and wondered how on earth I’d get my baby inside that safety strap. Once I had it in my hands, the waist actually velcros together to wrap around your child like a belt. Made so much sense! Since it’s a wide fabric, it won’t rub against your child’s belly making them uncomfortable. I love tbalboa clutchhe elastic four corners because they make this a cinch to put on one-handed. Plus the cover stays put! It even has toy loops in front of your baby so that you can attach some toys to keep them busy and entertained. It’s made out of 100% soft quilted cotton which gives a lot of cushioning to your child all while being machine washable, which we all love. Here’s one of the best parts, once you’re done using it, it actually folds into a small clutch that actually fits inside of your diaper bag! My old cover was so large it had to be in the back of my truck, this one actually fits inside my diaper bag.

Balboa Baby’s Shopping Cart & High Chair Cover comes in 12 different patterns, all of which are adorable…no, really, they are! Usually I look through patterns and cringe slightly, but with these, it was actually hard choosing one! This is a definite must-have item for any parent. Whether for a baby shower gift for someone you love or for yourself, this is by far, the best cover on the market. Head over to Balboa Baby and pick out the cover of your choice!

Special thanks to Balboa Baby for providing a sample for review purposes.

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