triple berry fizz mocktail + a little caffeine for mom

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Back to school season has become my favorite time of year. As a homeschool mom, I’m buzzing with excitement over new curriculum, new topics and lesson plans, new field trips on the horizon and all the high hopes for a fun school year. My kids are excited as well, especially for our local co-op to be in session, where they’ll be back with friends and learning from teachers other than mom!

Along with all this excitement comes a lot of work for mom as I’ve spent weeks researching/agonizing over this year’s curriculum, staying up late mapping out lesson plans and shopping, shopping, shopping. I’m definitely not going to lie – I love all of it – but it can be tiring. That natural excitement gives me a lot of fuel, but it only goes so far.  That’s where caffeine comes in. I was thrilled to hear of a new product available — Sparkling Ice + Caffeine, perfect for on-the go moms!

Yes – you read me right – Sparkling Ice + Caffeine is now available near you!

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You know we love our Sparkling Ice around here. It’s a favorite beverage my kids can grab without all the sugar. While it’s great on its own, it is also wonderful for creating all kinds of mocktails. This summer, the kids and I made about a million of them. My favorite will always be the layered Grand Prismatic Mocktail we created after my trip to Yellowstone (see that recipe here).

But, maybe you aren’t up for a layered mocktail during the super hectic school season. Here’s my favorite mocktail for kids, which takes fun, fizzy Sparkling Ice and a punch of whole fruit nutrition: (note, you can easily alter this recipe for different Sparkling Ice flavors)

Triple Berry Fizz

  1. In a blender, combine an equal amount of all three berries, about a handful per serving. Blend until smooth. Strain puree to remove seeds (or don’t if you’re lazy like me).
  2. Scoop the puree into the bottom of a short glass. Fill to the top with Sparkling Ice Black Raspberry. Stir and serve!

We were inspired to make this mocktail after our recent trip to the berry farm. We spent the afternoon, hunting for the last-of-season strawberries, the ripest blackberries and the juiciest raspberries. While I was enjoying all the berry-picking, my eyes couldn’t help but wander over to the apple and pear trees, even the pumpkin patch — oooohhhhh I’m so excited for fall!!

But back to the berries. We had a half basket left over and instead of doing something complicated, I thought, what if we just blended them all together and made a drink?! Genius.

Why is he wearing protective eyewear, you ask? Well, Gabe is truly obsessed with science experiments (he’s a natural-born homeschooler) and he insisted this WAS a science experiment. After all, we’ve got two different densities here (like he learned about in our layered drink above) and it FIZZES. Fizzing must be scientific, right? I love this kid.

I’ll tell you what, the puree tastes like the best homemade jam – and no added sugar! We’ve also made this same mocktail with peach/nectarine puree and Sparkling Ice Peach Nectarine… these are next level mocktails guys and so easy.

So let me get back to my little homeschool starting back up (not that it ever really closes because we learn every day!). While I do a lot of planning, I never stick to it completely. I’ll over-plan the semester, throw half of it out and do something else on the fly.  I’m a pretty relaxed homeschooler and I definitely value learning in the everyday moments.

You don’t have to be a homeschool mom to find those teachable moments in the kitchen, in the car, on vacation, at the berry patch – anywhere! It’s actually kind of amazing what you can teach in one day when you don’t even pull out your curriculum and just go about your day, encouraging your kids to ask questions along the way, but that’s another post.

All this planning, teaching, exploring and, let’s face it, answering kids’ questions all day, requires a little special liquid. No, I’m not talking about alcohol (or am I? lol) CAFFEINE! I don’t need a full pot of coffee to keep me buzzing all day, but a little help in the morning is much appreciated. Since it’s SO HOT here still, I do a lot of my errands in the early mornings. I grocery shop, take Gabe to the park and I’ve even been making it to my 9AM spinning classes pretty regularly. I grab a Sparkling Ice + Caffeine Black Raspberry and hit the road! It gives me the pep I need with no added sugar. Happy 2019-20 school year, guys!


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