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{Top 5} Sustainable Seafood Options – Sarah

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is an amazing force that strives to save our sea life and make people aware of their impact.  An easy way to help is to simply eat sustainably while avoiding the unsustainable. What this means is that the sustainable fish are abundant, not overfished, and are caught/farmed in environmentally sound ways that do not disturb or harm other sea life/environment.  Your options will vary depending on your location.

Monterey Bay Aquarium has compiled lists that you can keep in your pocket, wallet, even on you iPhone or Android.  With this guide in your hands, you can make responsible choices while eating out and at the grocery store.  Here is the full printable guide (find your specific region).

My Top 5 choices are all great options for anyone living on the west coast of course, so if you live in another region, refer to the official sustainable seafood guide.  I chose my top 5 based on flavor, availability and nutritional factors.

sustainable seafood

1.  Alaska Wild Salmon (not farmed salmon)  2.  Dungeness Crab (not King)  3. Yellowfin Tuna (US troll/pole)    4.  Pacific Halibut  5.  Clams, Mussels, Oysters, Scallops (all farmed)


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