top 10 gifts for cats this Christmas

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Christmas is a special time for celebrating family by giving and receiving. For many, family includes pets. This year, we have the addition of Jake and Marceline, two adorable kittens we adopted back in October. It’s always fun to include pets in different aspects of the holiday season from decorating their spaces to giving them gifts. It’s especially fun with kids around! Here’s my top 10 gifts to give your cats this Christmas. Meowy Catmas, everybody! (sorry, I couldn’t resist)

kitten's first Christmas

laser pointer

Is there anything more amusing than a kitten going nuts over a laser pointer, darting from place to place trying to catch it? I think not! House cats need to get rid of excess energy, especially kittens, so interactive toys are important. Bonus points, you can play with your kitten from the couch with this one.

scratching post

The scratching post is a must for house cats, unless you are fond of shredded furniture.  A new scratching post is not only a gift for your cat, but also for you!


It is so secret that felines love catnip! Spoil your cats this season with a catnip-filled toy or a catnip scratch pad 0r even try your hand at growing your own!

festive bed

Cats are always looking for a new place to curl up – why not add a holiday-themed bed to their collection? I can’t resist a cute cat bed, I mean come on! Note that the cutest cat beds are actually marketed as small dog beds.

cat condo

Especially if you have multiple cats, a tall cat condo/tower would be a great gift. They often are three-in-one gifts, providing poles to claw, cubbies to sleep in and hanging toys to bat. Can’t go wrong with a Christmas condo!

top 10 christmas gifts for cats

personalized food bowl

Cats love to lay claim to things – their favorite corner, their favorite litter box, their favorite hour in the night to wake you up – so why not make their favorite bowl really theirs? This is even more fun when you have more than one cat in the house.

cat tunnel

I’ve never had a tunnel for a cat prior to now and I see what all the fuss was about. My kittens absolutely LOVE cat tunnels, cat tunnel mazes are even better. They love to run through them all day long – so if you’re looking for a great exercise toy, the tunnel is it.

interactive feeder

Keep cats healthy, happy and entertained with one awesome, interactive feeder. These are also great for slowing cats down while they eat. One of my kittens has a tendency to eat super fast and then throw up, so he benefits from these types of feeders.

maze and track toys

If you want hours of entertainment with zero effort from you, maze and track toys are perfect! Cats and kittens alike love these simple toys, batting the balls around for endless amounts of time. They are fun for multiple cats to enjoy at once as well.

better food

The gift that gives all year – why not switch to your cat’s new favorite food for 2018? High quality food not only helps your beloved cats live a long and healthy life, but keeps them happy.

We switched to UNTAMED™ by 4health® premium pet food, a new line of grain free pet food. Both Jake and Marceline go crazy for the Salmon & Lentil recipe, but you can also get it in Duck & Lentil. This food provides a rich protein taste that cats instinctively crave. It contains a high-quality balance of carbohydrates as well as a blend of omega fatty acids to support a healthy skin and coat, as well as probiotics to aid in digestion. Everyone is happy when their pets are regular!

UNTAMED™ also offers dog formulas in flavors: Lamb, Trout, Buffalo & Lentil and Wild Boar & Lentil. This is a hearty dog food with exotic proteins made for adventure-seeking dogs like our pit bull, Chloe. Chloe is a big dog who requires ultra nutrient-dense foods to keep her going – and since we’re always on the go, UNTAMED™ by 4health® premium pet food is perfect for her.

where to buy & save

We’re all in search for a premium pet food at an everyday value, right? Find 4health® UNTAMED™ dog food and cat food exclusively at Tractor Supply Co. and  Spend $49 or more on pet food, treats, toys, flea and tick care, and other select pet supplies and receive free standard UPS shipping!

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