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tips for photographing kids at bath time {moments with dad}

I compiled my top tips and hints for photographing kids at bath time and used JOHNSON’S® as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #johnsonspartners #SoMuchMore

Father’s Day weekend is here so bring out the cameras!  Often we parents are stuck behind the lens and it is important to remember that you step in front from time to time.  It would be sad to look back through your photographic memories and not see yourself.  Sometimes the best moments to photograph are the most real.  Go ahead, get that Father’s Day portrait shoot of dad with the kids, but don’t forget about the everyday dad moments.  Did you know 54% of the time it is dad who bathes the kids?  That is true in my home and I love the one-on-one attention my son gets with his dad.

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Taking photos in the bathroom can be difficult, I know.  The lighting is usually warm and dark <– not good for crisp photos.  The kids are splashing <– not good for the camera.  Space is typically limited <– not good for getting enough in the frame.  I’ve definitely been the mom bumping backwards over the toilet, trying to get that super cute bath time photo!  I’m sharing my top tips for bathroom photography today plus some great ideas to snap your own photos of dad bathing the kids!

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Tips for taking photos of kids in the tub

Adjust your lighting.  Lose the yellow cast: swap out the bulbs in your bathroom for CFL daylight balanced bulbs (I like mine at 5000K, which is “horizon daylight”).  If you want to add more brightness, use a speedlight (which fits onto the hot shoe of your DSLR).  No one likes the flashy look, so try pointing your speedlight at the ceiling.  The light will bounce off of your ceiling and back down on your kids in a softer, diffused way.

B&W.  If all else fails and you dislike the lighting, use the oldest trick in the book and turn them b&w!  There are many different looks to b&w (you will see a few in this post alone).  Playing around in your editing programs with actions can sometimes be an image’s savior.  I use the latest Photoshop + Lightroom + Florabella actions mostly.

Use a tripod.  You are probably not just hosting a photoshoot in your bathroom, you are also bathing your kids.  Your hands might get wet from helping dad bathe the kids, so keep your camera slip-free by using a tripod.  By using a tripod, you also have your hands free for safety precautions.  Pop that camera on the tripod, find the frame that you like and start shooting – walk away, come back, you still have that perfect frame!  Bonus points: buy a remote trigger – they are inexpensive and allow you to fire the camera from anywhere.

Shoot from low.  Protect your kids’ privacy and safety and please, no frontal nudity, naked bums at your discretion (I know, they are super cute!).  Sit on the floor on your knees or on a kid’s step stool for a safe vantage point.

Props & Bubbles.  Take advantage of the scene, always.  Bath time presents some great opportunities with piles of bubbles and a never ending selection of awesome toys that squirt, shoot and spray water everywhere.  Bubbles will always be my favorite because they are a classic.  Have your husband blow a pile of bubbles at your kid and catch the action, or make a fun soapy hairdo!

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Detail shots.  Bathrooms, especially kids/guest bathrooms, are often cramped for space.  Don’t forget to snap those detail shots: long wet eyelashes, soapy hands and toes, toy play… these are my favorite shots because they are so intimate.

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Forget about posing.  Save the posing for family portraits!  Capture your kids’ innocence and joy by just snapping away.  Don’t worry about getting them to even look at the camera – it will probably happen on its on.  My favorite photos are always the ones that are little stills of candid moments.  Those are the photos you will cherish the most.

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Involve the other parent.  Capture the moments when the kids are still young and they need help washing behind their ears.  Snap a photo of you (get to know your camera’s timer) or dad helping to wash or play with the kids.  Those are precious, fleeting memories!

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For our mega bubble action, I use JOHNSON’S® baby bubble bath, which contains the extra gentle NO MORE TEARS® formula.  Soap can slide right past eyes, and though I still cringe and rinse immediately, Gabriel just giggles.  I couldn’t do without that extra important feature when it comes to my babies and their bath bubbles!

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I remember as a kid, whatever big bubble bottle I had, it was pretty rough on skin.  It would also leave a weird film on skin AND the tub – do you remember that?  It was used for special occasions really, only time to time.  JOHNSON’S® baby bubble bath has a clinically proven mildness formula, gentle enough for everyday use!

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