tips for living a carefree life

Thank you Blue Shield of California for sponsoring this post. They are committed to health and wellness, and they believe in tackling health issues before they start.

Life is always full of ups and downs, or seasons as I’ve learned to call them. I’ve had periods of very low lows and periods of very high highs. Currently, I feel like I am riding the highest of highs as I get to spend every day with my kids traveling, learning and bonding. Life is so good right now but you never know when the next obstacle will jump in your way. We try to live our lives as carefree as we can, as can be seen by our penchant for booking unique camping spots like this one in Joshua Tree :

Are you living your best life? You don’t have to be jet set to live a fabulous, full and carefree life. It is always about maintaining that positive attitude and sunny outlook.

tips for living a carefree life

appreciate the now

We are all on this journey called life and it has its peaks and valleys. Even when you are in the valleys, the dirty trenches, take a moment to appreciate all the good around you. If you find yourself having difficulties, try adding a “thankful for” journal and list your blessings each day. Read through the journal on hard days.

live a fun life

One of the biggest reasons I continue to choose to homeschool my kids is because I want them to have fun. Every day. Kids learn best when they are engaged and having fun! While it might be a no-brainer to make time for fun with your kids, don’t forget to do the same for yourself and your spouse. Your happiness is valuable and should be prioritized. Go on date nights, take yourself to the movie, get that manicure and don’t forget to have fun in the little moments too.

speak your intentions for the day

When you open your eyes in the morning, take a few minutes to give yourself a little pep talk. Decide who you want to be that day and what you’d like to get done. Speak it out loud – then conquer it – with a carefree, confident spirit!

prepare for the future

Nothing can give peace of mind quite like preparing for your future, in savings, in planning and in medical coverage. Finding the right provider can be a bit intimidating but you should go with the company that has your best interest in mind, one that looks at your health as the big picture.

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