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Welcome Chloe to the blog, our newly rescued American Staffordshire Terrier!  Prior to her, we had a string of extremely small dogs: a teacup yorkie, a min pin and most recently, a chihuahua.  Needless to say, having a 60 lb puppy to now take care of is a big adjustment for me.  While she has already proven to be the sweetest, most loyal and playful dog ever – a truly perfect companion – large breeds can get pretty stinky.  If she’s going to co-habitat with me, she better smell good!  The shedding I can vacuum, the smell, I can’t handle.  Here is what I’ve learned works to keep your dog smelling sweet:

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Tips to keep your dog smelling great

  • regular exercise

All dogs need daily exercise, some more than others depending on breed and age.  Of course, exercise is important for overall health and weight control, but it is also important for your dog’s digestive system, easing flatulence which is definitely the stinkiest of dog stinks.  Some dogs are fine with leisurely strolls around the block, others (like my Am Staff) needs vigorous exercise.

  • regular tooth brushing

A dirty mouth leads to stinky breath and we’ve all gotten a face-full of super stanky dog breath before.  There are dental treats and toys that can help reduce plaque buildup and a high quality food will provide vitamins and minerals necessary for strong, healthy teeth, BUT you really should brush their teeth as well.  My favorite doggie toothbrush is the flexible kind that fits over your finger.  Use only toothpaste created for dogs – they usually are beef or poultry flavors.

  • regular ear cleaning

It may not be the obvious answer, but dirty ears are often the cause of foul-smelling pooches.  Wipes designed for cleaning dogs are really useful for cleaning ears easily.  Use the wipes to remove excess wax, usually brownish in color, that has built up in the crevasses.  You can also use a liquid cleaner – check out YouTube for how to administer it.  If there is a strong odor, your dog probably has an infection and it is best to see their vet to address it.

  • regular baths

Baths are definitely key for having a sweet smelling dog cuddled up next to you.  Choose a high quality dog shampoo free of any irritating chemicals and consider conditioner depending on your dog’s coat.  It used to be suggested that dogs should only be bathed when dirty, but now with shampoos that don’t dry their skin out, you can safely wash your dog more often.  I bathe my Am Staff every 2 weeks and her coat is super moisturized and shiny.  Between baths, make sure to brush out the coats and if you’re looking to hit a quick refresh button, you can always try a waterless shampoo.  Oh, and make sure to immediately dry off your dog when they exit the bath.  Let them shake off and then rub them down with a towel.

  • regular bedding washing

You can’t have your fresh-smelling puppy heading back to a dirty bed.  Wash any cloth bedding regularly like you would your own.  Skip the scented detergents as dogs have a keener sense of smell and may not appreciate “wildflower waterfall” as much as you.  When will someone start making dog detergents in chicken scent? That’s a Shark Tank idea.

  • proper diet

As with getting plenty of exercise, providing your dog with a proper diet is super important for healthy digestion/reduction of flatulence.  The key to finding the right dog food is to find a high quality brand that caters to your dog in breed and age.  Different types of dogs have special needs like Chloe here, who is a puppy and also a large breed.

Purina® Pro Plan® Focus Large Breed Puppy is perfect for Chloe.  It is packed with vital nutrition her giant, growing body needs like DHA for eye and brain development and glucosamine for joint development.  This antioxidant-rich puppy food boosts and strengthens immune systems all while providing her the protein she needs.  When looking for the right dog food, it’s definitely important to check the ingredients.  Make sure the first ingredient is a protein like Purina Pro Plan Focus Large Breed Puppy Food, which is chicken.

Purina Pro Plan offers guaranteed nutrition for those who want specialized foods that taste great.  When we first adopted Chloe she was on a different food brand and I swear, she was having the worst (and stinkiest) gut reactions to it.  When we brought her into the vet for the first time, she recommended Purina Pro Plan and we haven’t looked back since.  She is regular, she is happy and her coat is MEGA shiny and soft.  …and that flatulence I spoke of is a very rare occurrence now.  That’s a win in my book!

You can find the whole range of Purina Pro Plan at Petco in the dog food section. Learn more about Purina Pro Plan and keep in the know on Facebook and Twitter.

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    Chloe is ADORABLE! I totally agree with all of these tips (we have 2 pitbull mixes) especially drying off right after the bath ;)

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