the busy life of a modern homeschool mom

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I never planned on homeschooling; it just kind of happened and then I couldn’t stop. I love the freedom to curate my children’s curriculum, and tailor their materials to their individual needs and learning styles. I also love the freedom to travel, to do nothing and to visit theme parks during the week. Once you experience homeschool in 2018, you won’t want to do anything different – I promise you – but you will always be on the go!

Like any other person, I grew up thinking homeschooled kids were unsocialized, awkward weirdos. Even though I now know that isn’t true (and there are plenty of awkward weirdo kids in public school) I still overcompensate. I’m a real pro at navigating the busiest of schedules to make sure my two weirdos are getting plenty of peer interaction through sports, classes, play dates and community events. We are always going somewhere – every single day!

The truth is, I really love a busy schedule. Now that summer is over, I’m pretend complaining that I miss lazy days at the lake, but really I am happy as a pig in mud to be busy again! I love rushing from homeschool co-op classes to ninja training class to cheer practice. I love filling my days with story time at the library, art classes in the park and craft projects at home. Being so on-the-go definitely has its downside though.

The downside to a busy family life is there isn’t much leftover for mom. Self care is SO important, guys. If you burn out, you cannot be an efficient mom, let alone homeschool teacher, so put yourself first! The best part of being a modern homeschool mom is the flexibility – you set your schedule. In that schedule, block off some time for yourself to recharge and don’t skip meals.

Even on your busiest days, you need to fuel yourself, even if you’re heading out the door. That’s why I absolutely love the new thinkThin Protein & Probiotics Hot Oatmeal. It is the perfect way to start any busy day. It is specially crafted with 10 grams of protein, 1 billion CFUs of live probiotics and 6 grams of fiber to help support digestion. I love the energy boosting combination of protein and probiotics in the morning, especially served nice and warm.

This line of hot on-the-go ready oatmeal is Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten free, kosher and some are vegan (yeay!). They do not contain artificial flavors or sweeteners and they are all 200 calories or less. More of what you need, less of what you don’t! My favorite flavor is Cinnamon Almond, but I’ve also tried (and loved) Maple Pecan and Blueberry Harvest. I’ll definitely been keeping these stocked and ready to go at home!

Stay fueled for the whole school year with fast, easy to make and delicious oatmeal.

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