teaching uniformed moms around the world {The Information Blanket}

Since children do not come with an instruction manual, we all need a little lot of help.   Here in the US we have bookstores filled with knowledge and Google, which can help you find the answer to the most obscure questions.  Our infant mortality rate reflects our resources.  Other countries around the world do not have access to the same information, and it reflects in their infant mortality rate as well.  While our rate is around 6.3, places like Uganda have really scary numbers (80 !).  If you are unsure of how this rate is calculated–it is the number of newborn deaths before the age of one, per 1,000 live births.  Afghanistan had the highest rate, ringing it at a shocking 157, but has been passed out by Somalia at 180.  These numbers add up to millions of babies dying before their first birthday.  Sadly,  a lot of these deaths could be prevented with the most basic knowledge a parent needs.

So what is an easy way to get this basic yet vital information out to clueless parents around the world?  The Information Blanket  is a spectacular creation, designed to give parents facts and reminders.  It covers vaccination schedules, feeding frequency, high temperature alert, growth chart, signs and symptoms of illness, and check-up reminder.  All of this is printed on a 100% cotton blanket, hand-printed with water-based inks.  It is 32″ x 32″ –perfect swaddling size.  It makes for a great gift to a new mom.  The best part, is with the purchase of an English blanket, another one is printed and delivered to a less privileged mom in the world–in her language.  Right now they are sending blankets to Uganda, and already over 600 have been given!  Make your purchase for just $40–one for you, one for Uganda.

The Information Blanket Uganda

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