Teacher Appreciation Week {don’t forget}

Tomorrow is the last day of Teacher Appreciation week. I admit that in my crazy running around all week, I failed to notice all the signs around my daughter’s school screaming in all the parent’s faces not to forget. Yet I actually opened the door to the class today while reading the sign on it “Did you say you appreciate me today?” and I made some smart ass comment….which I quickly had to recant. I then followed that up with a quick run to the store where I put together two huge basket of goodies, for two of my daughter’s teachers. I loaded their baskets with snacks, candy, scented candles, anti-stress masks and a scented body wash and lotion duos. So, don’t forget to grab a quick little thank you for the teacher of your kids if you haven’t already. These teachers do so much for our kids each and every day and a small thank you goes a long way!

{apple heart photo via the tumtum tree} {apple notecard available at TomKat}

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