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Have you guys started listing your New Years Resolutions?  Wondering how to melt those holiday calories off?  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so don’t wait until January, start now!  Join me on my journey with T25, a workout program that takes only 25 minutes a

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There’s a huge correlation between the intensity of my workouts and what I wear. I just don’t put in as much effort when I’m wearing baggy ts and sweats, but when I’m dressed the part with clothes that actually show off my figure, that I’ve worked *really* hard for, then

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citrus zinger review
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You could say I have an obsession with lemon water. It’s true.  I admit it.  Everyday I strain fresh lemon juice over my water – morning, afternoon and night.  Total citrus junkie.  Typically that includes a glass, strainer and lemon juicer, which is too many dishes for one beverage.  Now

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Getting sweaty is part of the game when we’re serious about our workouts. But you don’t need to walk around like you just stepped out of a sauna. Instead grab the eQua HOT, the hand towel that’s soft, lightweight, and made to tackle your sweatiest workout sessions. Manduka’s eQua HOT

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Gaiam review
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When looking for organic staples to fill out your closet, do not overlook the yoga juggernaut that is Gaiam.  Venture away from the yoga mats to find organic, sustainable clothing for everyday wear. There are many styles to choose from in these categories: tops, sweaters and jackets, bottoms, dresses and

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