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Christmas is here and soon we will be thinking about the New Year.  A popular New Year’s resolution is to travel more, with and without family.  Maybe “me time” is on your list, a rare commodity but an important one to prioritize.  When mom is happy and relaxed, everyone is

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It isn’t hard to find family fun in Los Angeles.  When my husband (then boyfriend) and I moved to LA from the East Coast, we hit all of the tourist attractions, did it all.  Then there were some years of avoiding the tourist traps, hitting the more in the know

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world travel kids

One of the biggest reasons I chose to homeschool my daughter is for our love of travel and adventure.  We’re a nomadic family and believe strongly that we learn best through experiences, not just books.  This belief has led to weekly “fieldtrips” for my homeschool child, both within her co-op

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Joovy Foocot review

With back to school season approaching, we are gearing up for new friends and lots of sleepovers.  Whether your child is having company over, or they are the company elsewhere, the Joovy Foocot is the perfect pop-up cot. The Joovy Foocot proves useful in many different situations starting with nap

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Sonoma Wine Tours

Grandma has the kids or perhaps they are heading to summer camp and it’s just you and the husband (or girls).  Living in California, when I hear words like “babysitter” or “date night” or “road trip” my mind immediately gravitates towards a trip to wine country.  Even more than the

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I’ve been camping since I was a very young kid and have super fond memories of those days.  I’ve continued to camp throughout my adult years, loving most every minute of it.  Now that I have a daughter, well, it’s time to step up the camping trips.  We are so

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