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If your kiddo is one of a kind it is only appropriate that their apparel follow suit, right? I was so excited when I stumbled across Spaghetti Kids. All handmade and terrifically unique, I knew right off the bat that they’d be perfect for my daughter. Based in LA, 23

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I love the ideals of Etsy. Supporting talented people and creativity, allowing women who are stay at home moms to contribute to their family income and do something they love. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. One thing that I love about having boys is little boy undies.

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As a newly turned four year old, my daughter is shoulder deep in excitement over letters.  She loves to point out letters to me everywhere we go, and the never ending ABC song… it haunts my dreams.  Naturally, my daughter’s favorite letter is “S” since her name is Savannah.  When

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I’m here to put the best toddler drink cup debate to bed (for now).  My daughter uses regular drinking cups often but they just aren’t practical in many situations, i.e. the car, the park, the couch.  We have tried so many different cups and bottles that they took over an

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Bear Feet makes great flexible shoes that take the shape of your child’s foot.  This is key during the formative years, as hard shoes can constrict the toes, inhibiting the natural foot development.  Not only do the shoes create a safe environment for growing tootsies, but they are also mega

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