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I used JOHNSON’S® for my little one and for myself as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #johnsonspartners #SoMuchMore My son will be 28 months soon and still says very few words.  It is beyond frustrating for both sides, toddler and parent, but I have been assured everything is

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I used baby products by JOHNSON’S® to create Homemade Grapefruit Tarragon Moisturizing Baby Soap as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #johnsonspartners I’m pretty particular about the products I put on my baby’s skin. I have hyper-sensitive skin and I know how it feels to put irritating chemicals on

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karuna sheet masks review

You might remember my post a couple years ago for Karuna Skin where I raved and raved about their magical skin masks.  Well, I have continued to use them over the years with amazing results, seriously they are transformative for the skin.  All Karuna Luxe sheet masks contain an exclusive

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dr fisher skincare

When beauty review opportunities are presented to me, I turn 90% down.  I’m just so particular (and spoiled) and many skincare lines in specific, are a let down — especially since I have sensitive skin.  I came into the Dr. Fischer review with some trepidation but was won over by

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s.w. basics makeup remover
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Do you know how many ingredients are in your eye makeup remover? I do.  Three.  Sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and extra-virgin olive oil are apparently all you need to remove impossible waterproof mascaras and gel liners. The area around our eyes has some of the most sensitive skin on

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the brush guard review
beautymake upskincare

I hope you clean your makeup brushes regularly because there can be some really icky stuff in there, and I’m not just talking about old makeup.  Bacteria, dead skin cells, oil, dirt and dust all can live in those brushes you use daily on your face.  Gross.  These ickies can

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dolphin organics
all naturalbathorganicskincare

Organic and natural baby skincare is the only way to go.  Between skin allergies and skin sensitives, there is ample reason to care about what is in those bath products you use on your baby (and yourself).  However, even popular brands can add synthetic ingredients without you truly knowing.  With

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During winter, the indoor air can be punishing. Because of the dry air I’m doomed with chapped lips, dry skin, and a dry nose, so I need a humidifier. But you know what I don’t need? An eyesore in the room that begs to be put away when company comes

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noodle and boo essential care kit

Rounding the end of my pregnancy, I am pretty much an expert on maternity skincare products.  Determined to keep my belly stretch mark free (I hope I didn’t just jinx myself) I have kept lubed up this second pregnancy.  Many products have been a major fail, and maybe some day

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Flakes are meant to be in the sky, not on your face. But if you’re like me, there isn’t much I can do to stop winter’s wrath from drying and sucking the life out of your skin. Normal skin regimens for the warm months don’t work for the cold, so

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