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It’s December 28th and I’m trying to get our lives back on track.  The holidays have a special way of throwing everything into a tizzy; this year feeling like an all-out tailspin.  It was my first Christmas with two kids, meaning double the effort, double the presents, double the stress. 

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Today I found out my Secret Language Name is Graceful Taken Opportunity – and anyone else born on July 13 1985 is the same.  I found this out through The Secret Language, which reveals your natural identity as determined by birthday, starting from the day and branching out more general

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joovy caboose too ultralight
baby gearstroller

Double strollers. For some, those two words together kick the anxiety up a few levels.  “Some” includes me, but I also decided to add #2, and therefore the need for a double. Where better to look than my tried and true baby gear love, Joovy?  Of course, they had just

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