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DIY reusable upright snack bag #ThisisWholesome
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Before I had kids, I never thought much about on-the-go snacking. Granola bar, water, good to go. Once kids hit, it became a serious daily concern. Every little excursion, I’m packing snacks for both kids like their lives depend on it. Then that day happens when your child goes to

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knitting for kids

Gifts that inspire creativity and new hobbies are the best, and this Christmas, I’m hunting for the them high and low.  My almost 7 year old discovered “yarn bombing” the other day where people use knitting as a form of graffiti .  Well, you know she thought it was amazing

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tutorial for baby pajama pants sew
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I know “sew do it” is a cheesy title, but I like it and it embodies my relationship with my sewing machine. I learned to sew at a very young age on a very old Singer.  We had an affair, this lovely machine and I, one summer sewing what my

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