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Sometimes I really question the content quality of popular kids TV shows.  I suggest you sit in and view the shows your children are watching and judge for yourself. I’ve found the fictional characters lean towards the sassy and sarcastic side and the strength of moral lessons is weak.  A

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electrical wizard nikola tesla book review
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As a homeschool mom, I get really excited about educational books, especially those scientific or historical in nature.  My first grader is really interested in the whys and hows, and since I am a far cry from a scientist, I turn to books that she can understand.  Here are a

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volcano rising by elizabeth rusch
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Now that my daughter is about to enter 1st grade, I find myself searching more for non-fiction books.  I’m homeschooling her this year so any and every educational resource I find, I grab.  Charlesbridge has some great new releases, sent to me for review. Volcano Rising by Elizabeth Rusch is

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Take advantage of the last blazing sun days of summer with a fun art/science project called Sunprints.   I’m always on the lookout for educational projects to do at home, and this one is super fun.  Using the kit and the beautiful sun, you and your children can design one

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