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My daughter, 7 (and quickly approaching 8) is at that age where she needs a bit more from a book.  This week I spent some time sorting through her over-flowing bookshelf, pulling out books that are suddenly too babyish for her (and tucking them away for her little brother).  She

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dr cocoa review
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This post about chocolate flavored kids cough & cold medicine is sponsored by Dr. Cocoa™ for Children. School’s back in session and the germs are already spreading like wildfire. They’re attaching to our children who then bring them home to our other children. I’m seeing it already with my daughter,

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new york pop-up book
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We’ve got a passion for books in this house and I love to add fuel to the fire!  My oldest has just begun 2nd grade today (yeay!) and as a congratulations, I handed her a bundle of educational yet fun new books from Candlewick Press, one being a Pop-Up New

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locomotive book revew floca

  Let’s start with a 2014 Caldecott Honor Winner titled Journey by Aaron Becker.  This incredibly imaginative book, with no words, is a whimsical tale of a loney girl with a red marker.  She draws a magic door and enters a beautifully illustrated world where she embarks upon an adventurous

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electrical wizard nikola tesla book review
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As a homeschool mom, I get really excited about educational books, especially those scientific or historical in nature.  My first grader is really interested in the whys and hows, and since I am a far cry from a scientist, I turn to books that she can understand.  Here are a

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school lunches

Many thanks to Fruit Shoot for sponsoring this post and inspiring me to share fun solutions for my kids’ lunches! When my 7 year old was much younger, I LOVED making her lunches.  It was fun and I was always trying to be creative.  Nowadays, it has just become a

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fruit burst squeezers
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I’ll go ahead and apologize to those stuck digging their cars out of the snow.  Where I live, the weather is ultimate perfection right now.  For this last week, we have been out by the pool swimming, sunning and celebrating life.  We can’t seem to stay indoors these days!  Since

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magnetalk adventures review
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The MagneTalk Match-up Adventures Kit is one of those educational tools that can be used over and over for different lessons – who doesn’t love that? Homeschool is getting pretty intense for me as the first semester is quickly coming to an end.  I’ve been using every resource I can

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For me, finding fashions for my daughter has very few requirements.  First and foremost, I look for items that make her feel pretty.  Gymboree always manages to make this happen and the Ready, Dress, GO! line is my daughter’s favorite up to this point.  She is consumed with the desire

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magic school bus weather lab
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It’s the end of weather week here in homeschool.  I planned on this being a topic earlier in the year but “weather” is mostly nonexistent here in the desert during the summer.  The temperature fluctuates more now and we get a bit of precipitation here and there, so it felt

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