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School has begun, which means mornings are insane in our house. From the time our eyes open, we are getting everyone showered, breakfasts distributed and lunches made for school and daycare. Rubbermaid LunchBlox Kids Tall Kit has been a fun addition to our lunch rotations. I have to say that

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Anything that comes into my house that can be recycled, gets recycled.  It is a constant weekly thought–is it recycling day, did I put the bin out at the curb?  One can imagine, I have a lot of recycling that piles up over the week.  This means I really need

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When I first heard that Rubbermaid made a set of bento boxes, I was picturing tiny boxes for the kids to take to school. This wasn’t the first time I’ve had to say that I stand corrected. These Bento Boxes are anything but that. These boxes are different sizes to

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We love our leftovers in this house. Only problem is that I swear they multiply at night like gremlins. During their multiplying, they must eat and replace the lids with other random ones that do not fit any of them. My storage area is out of control and what’s funny

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