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This post about raising eco-conscious children and green Christmas tips is sponsored by New Leaf Energy; all thoughts are my own. Reflecting on the core values I want my children to own, being an eco-conscious adult ranks high on my list.  Respecting the Earth and appreciating this amazing planet, that

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Anything that comes into my house that can be recycled, gets recycled.  It is a constant weekly thought–is it recycling day, did I put the bin out at the curb?  One can imagine, I have a lot of recycling that piles up over the week.  This means I really need

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My daughter is completely into preschool right now. Every day she wakes up and says “So what are we doing at school today, Mom?” I love that she loves to learn. It was a pretty big adjustment changing schools, making new friends and having more responsibilities, but she’s thriving on

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I am loving this DIY idea that I found.  Who doesn’t love a great snow globe?  My daughter is absolutely mesmerized by them; and she also loves a great craft project.  For this fun craft, simply take an empty jar (Grey Poupon is recommended).  Using an epoxy that isn’t water-soluble,

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