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My daughter, 7 (and quickly approaching 8) is at that age where she needs a bit more from a book.  This week I spent some time sorting through her over-flowing bookshelf, pulling out books that are suddenly too babyish for her (and tucking them away for her little brother).  She

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Educational books – moms love them, but would you expect kids to go crazy for them also? When the book in question is a The World Almanac For Kids Workbook, in my experience, the answer is absolutely yes! The workbook is based on the hugely popular World Almanac For Kids,

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With our move cutting right into my son’s first year of Pre-Kindergarten, I wanted to find something to keep him learning until the next school year. Shortly after we arrived to our new home I start searching for a program that would work for us. I came across Teach My,

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