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When I saw this pillow on the handmade home blog, I was like “I have to have that for my bed!” I love how by just adding new throw pillows you can change up the whole style of your bed or couch. Why not make your own? Well, being that

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As a resident of the desert, I cannot wait for summer to be over.  I know for many of you this is like blasphemy, but when you’re used to 115-120+ degree heat, you pray for fall.  We are finally feeling the beginnings of fall: 80-90+ degrees and wild stormy rain

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I absolutely fell in love at first sight with these  adorable guys from mrs Jermyn.  They are made from a re-loveable menswear shirt (check out that detail).  They are perfect for kids (or adults) as a sweet up-cycled toy.  Being their poofy and comfy selves, they also make great throw pillows (talk

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No matter how old my daughter gets, how much money I invest in her car seat, her sleeping head will roll.  We’ve been traveling in the car a lot lately, so it had become unavoidably aware to me how much she needed a neck pillow.  I see her tiny head

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Let me start this post off with telling you a little bit about Sherri Sebastian, because she impresses the pants off of me. She was originally trained as a chemist, holds a degree in food science, she apprenticed to a wine maker in Europe, learning the subtleties of wine tasting. She then

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