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With bumpers and loose blankets a big no-no, the HALO Safe Sleep Crib Set has everything baby needs for a good night’s sleep.  Two soft-as-can-be fitted sheets along with a decorative crib skirt set the stage for two amazing wearable HALO products. This 5 piece set is perfect for any

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At the top of every baby registry is a quality baby monitoring system.  A trusted brand, Safety 1st has released another monitor, the Secure Lights 49 MHz Audio Monitor, which is quite impressive for its affordability.  This wireless setup has a 600+ foot range, making it easy to listen to

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When I hit my second trimester, I did some major research on SIDS especially since I had a lot of items stored from when my first daughter was born 5 years ago. They say that you should never re-use a crib mattress from one baby to the next. Some mattresses

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When looking for the new and classic modern baby products, there are only a handful of sites that I venture to, one being My Urban Child.  My Urban Child is a one-stop-shop that can be a real lifesaver when decorating becomes overwhelming.  While they offer products running the whole gamut

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Imagine teaching your young ones foreign languages and to be eco-aware at the same time.  Art and Philanthropy has made this possible with their line of adorable decor, all printed on 100% recycled materials with soy-based ink.  Each piece of art is unique and relevant.  They are gender-neutral and ready for

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I’m easing into my hardcore Halloween decor.  I’m not big on pre-made holiday decorations, so I am lapping up the DIY projects to create fun and unique items for my home.  Each year, I add a few more to my arsenal.  This DIY tutorial is from Poppies at Play and is a

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As a resident of the desert, I cannot wait for summer to be over.  I know for many of you this is like blasphemy, but when you’re used to 115-120+ degree heat, you pray for fall.  We are finally feeling the beginnings of fall: 80-90+ degrees and wild stormy rain

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I have always adored alphabet art in all it’s many forms: prints, canvas, decoupage, you name it.  I am so excited to have come across this DIY from That’s My Letter, a fabulous DIY mom from New York.  Inspired by alphabet from Restoration Hardware, Jaime used wood, paper, and a

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I absolutely love that my daughter can, for the most part, dress herself.  It’s such a great freedom like when they are capable of brushing their own teeth and bathing themselves (still waiting on those milestones).  With the help of this awesome dresser from Peter Bristol, you can get them

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In my quest to find modern nursery decor, I came across the super cute designs of Sugar Fresh on Etsy. Sugar Fresh‘s original designs feature the alphabet, numbers, butterflies, nature and sweet sayings. I adore the peacock numbers print, pictured top left.  It’s a fresh take on a classic nursery

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