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Brushing hair had become what I dreaded most about my mornings. Not my hair but my daughter’s. Her ultra sensitive head and strong personality were my ultimate challenge in the morning. Brushing her hair equaled a tense situation, which included lots of crying and yelling from my daughter. I tried

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blanqi body styler

My latest maternity find is making me sad, sad that I found it at the 36 week mark.  The maternity Body Stylers from Blanqi are absolute must haves, Godsends, really, and I don’t know how I got through my pregnancy without one.  Supportive, uplifting and decadently comfortable, these cami/shapewear/slip/bra contraptions

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Choosing the right baby monitor is crucial to your peace of mind as a new parent.  With the options available today, what should you be looking for?  Ideally, the right video monitor has a clear display for day and night, sound and motion alerts, and a wide view.  What if

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When it comes to my cosmetic bag there are 5 items that I do not leave my house without. It is one thing to have a stockpile of make-up at home, but to have a purse or giant cosmetic bag overflowing with make-up is just plain out of control. How much makeup is

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car seatcar seats

It fits. There’s no better phrase to describe the Pria 70 Convertible Car Seat from Maxi-Cosi than “It Fits.” Here’s me being completely honest, I never thought any car seat could actually impress me more than my current. I’ve loved it for years, purchased all sizes for my daughter and

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 I was a bit of a frazzled mess when my daughter was born. After a re-admittance to the hospital when she was just a few days due to being jaundice, i realized that I needed to give her formula as a supplement because I wasn’t doing something right. Only problem

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 Kids love bathtime. Mostly due to the toys that we can find for them. I remember when my daughter first started playing with toys in the tub. Exciting moment for a first time mom. I was all giddy to find her toys. I decided on a set of squirt toys,

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Boon is back with some great new products as usual, one being the fantastic Mush.   The Mush is a manual baby food processor and I know what you may be thinking: why do I need a separate food processor?  Well, I’ll tell you.  Sure I have a food processor, an immersion

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Petunia Pickle Bottom has always been my favorite diaper bag manufacturer. Their prints are modern, bold and classy all while their designs are multi-functional and convenient. I purchased their Touring Tote when my daughter was a toddler and I never changed bags. The bag was great for the fact that it

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For a few years now, I’ve seen girls randomly at the gym, running, on TV, you name it with their hair pulled back in adorable pony tails and this ridiculously cute head band to hold their hair back as well as to dress up the pony. I’ve gone to every

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