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songs in the shade of the oliver tree lullabies

Lullabies and nursery rhymes are comforting no matter the language or cultural instruments.  The beauty of these typically ancient rhymes is less about the story and more about lulling baby to sleep or entertaining a rather cantankerous one.  Add a little culture to your nursery with Songs in the Shade

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Ozomatli Presents Ozokidz

Years ago I was at a concert in Denver, Colorado when the band came through the crowd playing their instruments as they went up to the stage. This fun and funky band was known as Ozomatli, and from that moment on I was quite impressed by them.  Needless to say

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Aaron Nigel Smith’s, Welcome to the Village!, is not your typical children’s music CD. Instead, this album is filled with songs from all over the word, from as far as Africa to here in the United States. Accompanying Aaron on this musical collection is the One World Children’s Chorus, which

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There is a fun children’s music scene around today where there is something for everyone.  A new CD we’re loving is The Colored Pencil Factory by Astrograss, loving a lot. Astrograss has been around for 9 years, putting out fun mixes of bluegrass, home humor and original songwriting.  The Colored

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There are many benefits that come from children listening to music early on; they tend to develop better listening skills and do better in reading and math when they begin school. Plus, everyone loves an impromptu dance party in the living room, well at least I do. Finding kid’s music

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alphabet book caspar babypants

There is something so irresistibly classic about an alphabet book.  Simple in theory but can have a profound effect on early literacy — especially if you include unique poetry such as in Augie to Zebra.  We are tired of hearing the old “A is for Apple, B is for Ball”. 

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Casper Babypants books

Caspar Babypants has been providing fun music for my daughter (look for a new CD review coming soon) for some time now.  I was delighted to see that Caspar (musician, songwriter) joined up with wife Kate Endle (illustrator, Etsy store owner) to create a pair of really great books. She

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Looking for some great music that you and your kids can enjoy?  Look no further than Muppets: The Green Album.  We all love The Muppets and many of us grew up watching and adoring The Muppet Show.  Now the latest generation has gotten to fall in love as well with

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musicstocking stuffers

Music makes for great stocking stuffers so I looked around for some great new kid-friendly tunes.  My daughter likes a lot of the music I do, but I think it is nice that she can have a collection all her own.  There is so much out there that my ears

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I have been in love with Putumayo Kids CDs for years now.  Each song teaches about another place: different continents, countries, cities, and cultures.  My daughter adores them and they always stay at the top of her music stack (and high play on the iPod).  Well, Putumayo has come out

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