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Building a maternity wardrobe can be a daunting and expensive endeavor.  Take advantage of clothing modifiers to make your pre-pregnancy apparel last a little longer, like the Bellaband.  The Bellaband by Ingrid & Isabel is a priceless wardrobe saver that will take you from first tri all the way to

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Living in the Great Northwest it is quite easy to get used to mild weather with frequent drizzling and cloud cover…except for the few weeks we get in the summer when it is ridiculously hot and muggy. The first time I tried out my new Kool Tool it was a few

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Gaiam review
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When looking for organic staples to fill out your closet, do not overlook the yoga juggernaut that is Gaiam.  Venture away from the yoga mats to find organic, sustainable clothing for everyday wear. There are many styles to choose from in these categories: tops, sweaters and jackets, bottoms, dresses and

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Whether you are trying to conceive, already pregnant, or nursing your new babe, there isn’t anything more important that a good prenatal vitamin.  It is so crucial to keep your body hydrated and nutrient rich, not only for your baby’s health but also your own.  Once a woman becomes pregnant,

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My search for THE perfect camera strap is OVER! Ladies, I bring you the holy grail of camera straps. Since the day these amazing camera straps launched they have been the talk of the photography community. With their stunningly chic design and high quality materials, photographers have been flocking to

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Boost Somme

There are a few things in my life that really relax me, one is reorganizing, another is cooking.  I do not enjoy long baths as I find them boring and restrictive.  However, beauty treatments are my number one relaxing task.  While I enjoy thorough exfoliation and deep moisturizing, masks of

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Mother's Day birthstone jewelry
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What does Mother’s Day gift say to you?  If your immediate answer is not jewelry, you should reconsider.  While breakfast in bed and sweet handmades from the kids are the most magical, jewelry lasts forever.  I’m hoping a lot of husbands and sons are reading this, can you tell? While

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toms ballet flats

It occurred to me yesterday at lunch that TOMS has truly penetrated the market.  Our whole party was wearing TOMS (not on purpose), our waitress was wearing black sparkle TOMS and when we left the bistro (after my daughter threw up mussels and escargot on her TOMS) the friendly homeless

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Baby wraps, baby structured carriers, baby slings, and all of their variations–it can be confusing, especially for new parents.  I have been through all types, finding pros and cons in each category.  They truly are categories because each carrier type has a set of adaptions. For me, finding the right

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Hello Mellow. The name in itself is an exercise in relaxation.  Go ahead, say it out loud!  It feels good!  This is one  book you can judge by its cover; the products feel amazing too.  Hello Mellow butters,  balms, scrubs, and  sprays are made only of fine natural ingredients ~

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