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I blinked and my baby girl became a kid.  She will be turning seven in a month and as a homeschooling mom, I am always struggling to keep her challenged. It is truly something I never stop looking for — new resources to teach her everything I can.  A wonderful

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grammar gumballs review
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I introduced Super Duper this summer, a mecca website for homeschool parents, or those who supplement at home.  Quality resources for homeschool are like finding gold and I have a few more gems to share with you, sent for review. An area of concern for me with my 6, almost

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the magic school bus revving up review
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The Magic School Bus is back with two all new DVDs full of educational insights from Ms. Frizzle and her class.  Exploring and learning with The Magic School Bus is a great way to keep kids engaged and interested.  I loved the series as a child and now I have

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volcano rising by elizabeth rusch
bookbookseducationalkidsschool at home

Now that my daughter is about to enter 1st grade, I find myself searching more for non-fiction books.  I’m homeschooling her this year so any and every educational resource I find, I grab.  Charlesbridge has some great new releases, sent to me for review. Volcano Rising by Elizabeth Rusch is

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leapfrog homeschool review
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Summers are notorious for being a drain on the brain.  Kids often lose quite a bit of knowledge from the previous school year during the summer, so I hope you have been actively keeping those kids learning!  August is here (say what?!) and with it, a new school season.  I’ve

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bubble guppies sunny days

Perfect for the preschool crowd are these new releases from Nickelodeon: Team Umizoomi is back in Animal Heroes, introducing preschool and younger to math.  In Team Umizoomi: Animal Heroes, your kids can join Milli, Geo and Bot on four missions all about animals: Purple Monkey Mission – When a new

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Educational books – moms love them, but would you expect kids to go crazy for them also? When the book in question is a The World Almanac For Kids Workbook, in my experience, the answer is absolutely yes! The workbook is based on the hugely popular World Almanac For Kids,

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Some parents may be finding themselves right now wondering ‘How can I get my child excited about math?’  Yes, I know it can be a difficult task for some.  Well for your kids who are  around ages 4-8, I have the book for you.  You Can Count on Monsters by

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With our move cutting right into my son’s first year of Pre-Kindergarten, I wanted to find something to keep him learning until the next school year. Shortly after we arrived to our new home I start searching for a program that would work for us. I came across Teach My,

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It is so important to keep learning/studying a fluid part of our kids’ lives.  They must be constantly stimulated, not just at school, but also at home.  I’m sure you are all familiar with the big workbooks that are crucial to practicing everything from ABC’s to algebra.  My daughter tears

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