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I have been dieting for about a week now so any chance to eat ice cream without a negative impact on my daily calories is an amazing thing! I came across this while pinning around pinterest and I immediately had to try it. You make ice cream using only 1

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Now that my daughter is no longer a baby, and more a kid, she travels a lot more.  Not only does she travel a lot more, but she wants to now bring a lot more.  This knowledge led me to decide that she needed her own luggage.  This is great

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A lot of child dining sets are just that, full sets, which is great.  But you need to build on those sets, adding in extra staple items, like cereal bowls.  My daughter is a big grazer.  She prefers to have several different foods all separated into individual bowls.  At any

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Since the Environmental Working Group released their 2011 Sunscreen Report, I’ve become a little bit obsessed, not to mention terrified by some of the nasty products allowed on the market.   The interactive report not only lists the best and worst sunscreens, but allows you to search your brand to

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If your kiddo is one of a kind it is only appropriate that their apparel follow suit, right? I was so excited when I stumbled across Spaghetti Kids. All handmade and terrifically unique, I knew right off the bat that they’d be perfect for my daughter. Based in LA, 23

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I have sad news. My 4 year old is a big boy. He has been over 40 lbs for the past year now, 46 to be exact(I know, he’s basically a moose. Tall, skinny, and sturdy) and I have been lamenting over the fact that he’s too big for the stroller let

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