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hard candy shockdrop rugged ipad review

I’ve had some bad luck this year with my iPhone.  I’ve dropped it only a couple times, but have cracked the screen twice.  Once it was naked, the other time it did have a case on it, but not a very good one (apparently).  I’ve stepped up my game to

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iphone toddler protector

I suppose it was destined to be the natural progression of the iPod–to become a child’s toy.  With so many IOS devices at our fingertips (and rarely ever leaving them) our children have latched onto the iconic products as well.  My 5 year old knows her way around the iTouch

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I absolutely adore this product that I stumbled upon.  It is an iPhone case unlike any other.  Get your kids off app time and into craft time with this creative case.  You can embroider your own designs and scenes onto the case, completely personalizing your phone in a crafty way.

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