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sophia the first tiara headphones review

Something that comes along with being a mom of a girl is lots of singing in the home.  My daughter is always belting out something, typically that song from Frozen all the girls are obsessed with!  We love music in our house and welcome her to express herself as she

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hard candy shockdrop rugged ipad review

I’ve had some bad luck this year with my iPhone.  I’ve dropped it only a couple times, but have cracked the screen twice.  Once it was naked, the other time it did have a case on it, but not a very good one (apparently).  I’ve stepped up my game to

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bookboard review

This post is sponsored by Bookboard; all opinions are 100% my own. Being a writer and lifelong bookworm, I love paper books.  After experiencing bookcases overflowing, I made a rule to donate each book I read, if I can rule out re-reading them, which is most of the time.  When

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Over the past few months I have been allowing my children to take advantage of the educational apps on my iPad 2. I have been wary to allow them to touch it because of its price point and thin form. Then my Big Grips Frame and stand arrived. The soft,

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