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As parents, I am sure a few of you have been in the situation where you are playing a game with your child and instead of your child winning the game, you win and your child gets very distraught and screams “not fair” and then refuses to play the game.

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joovy toy booster review

Every mom of a girl knows that there is never just a baby doll.  Dolls have to be accessorized and I’m not just talking about clothing and purses.  The dolls of today must have all the gear a real baby would have, the stroller, the crib, kids can even wear

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just dance disney

Thank you to Ubisoft for sponsoring this post. Please click here to learn more about Ubisoft. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective. #UbiChamps I am admitting this is the first Just Dance (or any dance video game) that I have tried.  But seeing

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I always get excited when I find exceptionally high quality wooden toys for my kids.  Personally, there’s just something so pure and simple about wooden toys that make them desirable.  Plus, they seem to last forever and are able to withstand the abuse of being overly played with, without eventually

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hug n oink peppa pig plush

Peppa Pig was one of the first preschool-aged shows I actually liked.  The lovable characters with their charming British accent was an immediate hit with my daughter as well.  There are always great lessons to be learned and their quirky antics were unique and fresh for Nick Jr. This fall,

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apparelchristmasholidaykids apparelpajamas

I have just as much fun searching for Christmas Eve/morning pajamas as I do the Christmas dress.  Having a Christmas pajama tradition is an easy way to sneak in a practical gift each year… something the kiddos actually need.  Not only are they fun as gifts the night before the

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baby carrierbaby gearbaby seatcar seatcarseatkidsstrollerstrollers

Holy moly! I honestly don’t even know where to begin with this review. In my neighborhood, the streets are made of asphalt and we don’t have any sidewalks. Even the toughest regular stroller jiggles and wiggles when being pushed down our street. Having a very active neighborhood, we’re always getting together

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tadpole and lily boy ties

I must admit, after 5, nearly 6 years of princesses and tea parties, the idea of a boy scares me a bit.  My world has revolved around my daughter and everything daughters need and want.  So with a boy on the way, I’m a bit at a loss with how

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elks and angels cuddle bear
baby showerplushtoys

Every so often you come across the perfect first gift for baby.  It isn’t a trinket that is meant for mom’s curio cabinet, but rather an item that baby can cherish from day one.  This is the case with Elks & Angels’ Cuddle Bear.  Super soft, high quality plush, the

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Sweet Knee organic baby skincare
baby gearbaby showerbathskincare

These days, it isn’t too difficult to seek out the organic skincare, but it is difficult to find the organic skincare that is just as effective as the nonorganic.  The most amazing baby skincare line, Sweet Knee, has found just the right formula — and we have a coupon code

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