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Whether you are trying to conceive, already pregnant, or nursing your new babe, there isn’t anything more important that a good prenatal vitamin.  It is so crucial to keep your body hydrated and nutrient rich, not only for your baby’s health but also your own.  Once a woman becomes pregnant,

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KOR Vida

In The Know Mom is a big fan of KOR, which we discovered for ourselves back in ’09.  Then, they only had their flagship water vessel, KOR ONE. Now is another story.  New designs and colors have come to KOR but their thirst for giving has remained the same. People

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simplehuman kids soap pump sensor giveaway

There is a time that comes when every parent realizes their baby is no longer a baby.  When developing autonomy turns into straight pig-headed strong-willed independence.   That time came awhile back for my daughter and it was a tough adjustment for me.  Letting our kids do more and more things

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top detox foods ingredients
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The word “detox” gets thrown around a lot.  We are all drawn in by such words in hopes of magical transformations.  The honest truth to being healthy is there is no quick fix, no magic pill or food, but there are a lot of foods that will substantially improve your

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When it comes to soothing those cold weather sore throats, look for relief no further than the original.  Classics often are that for a reason and Pine Bros Softish Throat Drops are no different.  If you don’t remember these softish lozenges from before, you need to check them out now.

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Making sure our kids get an adequate amount of vitamins and nutrients each and every day can be taxing!  What a huge responsibility.  Relax a little (and cheat a little) with SmartyPants Vitamins.  With SmartyPants Vitamins, you get not only a multivitamin, but also Omega 3 DHA & EPA +

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Anyone with allergies knows that your bedding is the first place to consider upgrading to allergen-resistant products.  Pillows are a great place to start, since it is right next to your face.  Not only the pillow itself, but also its casing should be considered.   Next, of course, is the

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My love affair with Pai began with a simple yet complex moisturizer.   This moisturizer changed my life (at least in skincare).  Prior to meeting Pai, I was a sensitive-skinned skincare junkie that was often irritated and agitated.  Once I ditched my old facial moisturizer and switched to Pai’s Chamomile & Rosehip Skin

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My daughter is finally at the point where she most only drinks from regular cups.  This is monumental.  I do, however, still need a cup with a lid and this is why I sought out EIO.   It is a shame that I am just finding this kids cup now,

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When spending a day at the pool, ending it with a shower is no brainer, right?  Got to wash away that pesky chlorine from our hair  and skin, not to mention our kids’ hair and skin, right?  Not so fast.  Many of us use some method to filter chlorine from

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