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This post about faster, stronger and healthier hair growth is sponsored by Hairfinity. Summer can be very rough on your hair. I know mine has gotten increasingly dried out, despite my attempts at weekly deep conditioning and smoothering in all goos, creams and putties. The 110+ degree heat, strong UV

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ouidad wave create review
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Ouidad, known for catering to the curly hair types, wants to take you to the beach, well, at least make you look like they did. Who doesn’t love that fresh-from-the-beach windswept, tousled hair?  Nothing says summer like beachy waves and now you can have them without the peak season crowds

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batiste dry shampoo
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I don’t know what I did before dry shampoo.  I really don’t.  Luckily, I no longer have to settle for a ponytail on days in between hair washings.  You shouldn’t wash your hair everyday as it strips moisture and wrecks your salon color, and with a brand new baby on

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Bayberry Naturals
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Before my daughter was born, I would’ve told you that it really didn’t matter if my skin and hair products were all-natural. I would occasionally have irritation from certain brands when I used them on myself, but I just didn’t use that brand again. Not realizing that it likely wasn’t

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Curls are high maintenance hair.  It’s just that simple.   When people meet my daughter, their first response is typically, “oh I love her curly hair”.  Her hair as been a mess of ringlets since she was around 2 (yes it was straight when she was a baby).  While they are quite

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The strong summer heat has us all SPFing our entire bodies, as we should year round.  One very important part of our body is typically overlooked, our hair.  The vast majority of us pay good money to get our hair color the way we like it, whether it’s a complete

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