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Most little kids sleep 10 -12 hours a day, including naps.  That’s a lot of time spent sleeping, so shouldn’t they be in the most comfy pajamas that you can find.  Skylar Luna’s pajamas are not only comfortable but are also made with super-supple 100% organic cotton fabric. These are

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Kid’s love all things personalized for them.  It strokes their little egos and makes them feel special.  Knowing this from personal experience, I loved the idea of a personalized book.  Anything that grabs my daughter’s attention to read is a plus–quite frankly a must have!  I See Me personalized children’s

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Anytime you can make parenthood a little easier, you should do it.  I recently got hooked by a kids clothing delivery service and I’m loving the convenience.  Now there is a company to help you through the teething years by deliveries as well.  TeetheMe is a fantastic company that sends

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  1.  Sagaform wine decanter with oak stopper  $34.99  2.  Al Stephens hand-forged cheese slicer  $30  3.  Bonsai Forest  $50  4.  Pure Integrity 26 oz Soy Candles $23.99  5.  handmade Garlic House  $35

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Tis’ the season to be shopping, and if you’re shopping for a toddler what else better than a tricycle?  The earlier the better to teach children pedaling and steering motor skills, not to mention balancing.  My daughter had a few tricycles growing up but none seemed to really interest her.

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What says “holiday” more than a glittery nail polish?  Right, nothing.  Everywhere you look  for the Winter 20011-12 season, there are sparkling shoes and shimmering dresses.  This swing of fashion excites me and I’m already building my shopping list–chock full of festive colors and glittery textures.  Being in season doesn’t just

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Every so often one of those photos comes around.  You’re dumping photos onto your computer from your last photo session and one just pops out at you.   It may be because you simply took an amazing photograph, or it may be the subject.  For me, most of those moments

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Whenever we have new neighbors move into our neighborhood, I’m instantly trying to think of a creative gift for them. For some reason, my brain’s first thought is to make them something homemade. Not quite sure why, especially since it’s time consuming. I adore this housewarming gift I saw on

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My love affair with Pai began with a simple yet complex moisturizer.   This moisturizer changed my life (at least in skincare).  Prior to meeting Pai, I was a sensitive-skinned skincare junkie that was often irritated and agitated.  Once I ditched my old facial moisturizer and switched to Pai’s Chamomile & Rosehip Skin

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Our beloved hand knits by blabla are back, this time with a stunning knit blanket! In The Know Mom has been a fan of blabla since our beginning. Their quality in hand-knit products keeps us coming back to drool over their new products! With the arrival of my nephew growing closer

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