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Gaiam review
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When looking for organic staples to fill out your closet, do not overlook the yoga juggernaut that is Gaiam.  Venture away from the yoga mats to find organic, sustainable clothing for everyday wear. There are many styles to choose from in these categories: tops, sweaters and jackets, bottoms, dresses and

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Plasma Car
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Back when I was a kid, we spent a lot more time outside playing than I can say for most kids today. We were also much more active. I remember riding my Big Wheels up and down the alley until my legs felt like jelly. No one had battery operated

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We all want what is safest for our kids, especially when it comes to the dinner table. When shopping, it can sometimes be hard to pass up the cheap, colorful placemats that are perfectly placed at our favorite department stores to trigger impulse buying. But what are these mats made

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1.  Haba Sand and Water Workshop Beach Toys $19.79  2.  SandSac Canvas Sand Bucket $16 3.  Green Toys EcoSaucer Flying Disc  $6  4.   Zoe b Anti-Plastic Beach Toys $19.99  5.  Senda Athletica Fair Trade Rio Futsal  $35.99 

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If you love the classic baby scent, you will love Live Clean (Baby).  Upon opening a package of these eco-friendly baby bath products, the aroma took me back to when my daughter was a newborn.  It was a wonderfully nostalgic moment.  The difference from those old school products is that

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Shaklee Get Clean
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Earth Day is quickly approaching and I hope you are already thinking of ways to improve your environment.  By environment I don’t just mean outside, but also inside your home.  There are many ways to take on a more eco-conscious lifestyle, one being choosing responsible household cleansers.  Take a good

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Rubbermaid giveaway
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Anything that comes into my house that can be recycled, gets recycled.  It is a constant weekly thought–is it recycling day, did I put the bin out at the curb?  One can imagine, I have a lot of recycling that piles up over the week.  This means I really need

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sustainable seafood
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The Monterey Bay Aquarium is an amazing force that strives to save our sea life and make people aware of their impact.  An easy way to help is to simply eat sustainably while avoiding the unsustainable. What this means is that the sustainable fish are abundant, not overfished, and are

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cloth diaper giveaway
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While planning for baby number 2, I’ve begun to amass a collection of cloth diapers that all seem to be of the pocket variety.  As a second time mom but a first time cloth diaperer, the pocketed diapers seemed like the easiest route.  This clearly shows my ignorance on the

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Why should boys have all the fun dumping dirt and “fixing” (read: smashing things) with their tools?  Girls can get in on the fun too, and with Green Toy’s line of girly trucks and tools, even grandma will be tempted to pick up some tradition boy toys for the little

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