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Kee-Ka Organics
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Do you have a nickname for your little one? Probably. I have one for my son and my mom has one for me, still calling me Peapod to this day. And that’s the inspiration behind Kee-Ka’s Wearable Greetings collection – the nicknames we give to our little loves. Constructed with

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softbums omni diaper review
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Traveling into uncharted cloth diapering waters can be intimidating, to say the least.  So when a company comes around with fresh, innovative ideas to simplify the concept that has become so over-complicated, we jump on it.  SoftBums  is the creator of the Echo, known to be the trimmest one-size available. 

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paper culture holiday cards

It is that time of year again!  Time to get those family photos taken, design and order the Christmas cards and ship them off to the far corners of your family.  Our extended family lives on another coast so things like holiday cards are very big deals.  Being the eco-consious

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Keepin Fresh Innobaby
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Sending your child to school for the first time is a major adjustment. My oldest daughter started preschool this year and I found myself unprepared because I was focusing all of my energy on the simple fact that my baby was leaving the nest, and growing into a kid. Since

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little green pouch
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Homemade baby food is the way to go, and we will always support that.  But how convenient are those little premade food-filled pouches when you are running errands?  Luckily, there are a few organic options out there, but there is still the question of waste.  Have the best of both

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Once again, 4Moms has released a product that is advanced among the competition. This time, a power-folding stroller, but that is not the only technically rich feature of the Origami. It is also self-charging because of built in generators in the rear wheels, and will also charge your cellular device.

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ecotronics kids flashlights

I am all about trying to be eco-friendly as much as I can when purchasing toys for my children, such as using rechargeable batteries or staying away from electronics all together and focus more on manual toys. A recent find that really caught my eye was a flashlight that requires

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Keeping up with your child’s developmental toy needs can be expensive and space-consuming.  Here at ITKM, we are fond of wooden toys, green living and purchasing only the best for our kids — all of which describe the new Weerol.  The Weerol was prototyped by hand in a garage with

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Looking for eco-friendly footwear to kick off the school year? Well, look no further. Shoemees are not only natural and environmentally sound, but their box is made out of recycled materials, AND…(wait for it)….is a toy! The goal at Shoemees is to save the planet one shoebox at a time.

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Over the last few years my family has transitioned from using plastic to glass food storage. There is something so clean about glass and just knowing that nothing is leaching into your food while it’s being stored gives you peace of mind. With the start of school just around the

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