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With so many double strollers out there, it can be somewhat overwhelming when it comes to choosing one. I knew that I wanted something that could transition easily from everyday strolling to all terrain jogging.  I also wanted a double stroller that didn’t have an abundance of bells and whistles

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Double strollers. For some, those two words together kick the anxiety up a few levels.  “Some” includes me, but I also decided to add #2, and therefore the need for a double. Where better to look than my tried and true baby gear love, Joovy?  Of course, they had just

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Back before I had children, and even after my first, “double stroller” was a dirty word to me.  I watched young couples struggle to maneuver the monstrous contraptions and vowed never to be in their shoes.  Well, things change and now I find myself with two babes.  Thankfully, the baby

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Joovy ergo caboose stroller review
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When you’ve got one small child and one on the way, the double stroller is at the top of your buy list.  I personally will do anything to avoid the ultra wide types of double strollers.  I know if twins are in your future, this may be hard to get

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