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My daughter is a rock collector. She’s been obsessed with them for as long as I can remember. Whether it’s buying different types/colors from rock stands and such or picking them up from our backyard, school playground or on vacation. She’s fascinated with all of them. She sorts them by

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ottoman DIY

Multipurpose products always earn a spot in my home.  While ottomans and poufs are a huge love of mine (can you ever have too many?) they do take up a good amount of room.   So when a decorative piece like an ottoman has storage, I cannot resist purchasing.  When said

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It’s hot out where we live right now and that only makes my daughter want to be out there all the time. One of her favorite things to do, other than swimming in the pool, is drawing with chalk. I’m always looking for ways to keep it interesting and fun.

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DIY paper flowers
craftsdecorDIYMother's Day

Cut flowers are pretty but they don’t last long, and if you or your mother has a black thumb, the potted kind won’t last either.  Here’s a novel idea: have the kids help you make paper flowers.  You can customize your own gorgeous bouquet or a single stem will do. 

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Loose Leaf Tea DIY

I love small crafty projects that make a big impact. Many people love loose leaf tea, but find it a little messy to work with. What a great present for someone you care about. For example that teacher that does so many wonderful things for your child. Don’t forget it’s

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Here is a super fun DIY game I came across.  This year, take the kids outside and play this match-up game created by Valerie at Inner Child Fun.  Simply take a rainbow of paint chip cards, punch a shape out of each shade, and also a hole for the ring. 

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craftsDIYentertainingkidssewing tutorial

Sleepovers have become a very important part of my family’s life.  I remember loving them as a kid but the idea of organizing them as a parent seemed daunting to me.  That was before I dove head first into them (with no real other choice).  Sleepovers are now my favorite

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baby gearbaby showerhandmadeinfant

Gauzey blankets, also known as muslin blankets are everywhere these days. You’ll pay a lot of money for each one, but Dana Made It created a very easy tutorial on how to make your own. If you’re in the market for these blankets, you already know that these blankets are

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How amazing is this? Simply replace one center board with a metal gutter and you have a built-in cooler. Keep waters cool, water balloons, flowers, ANYTHING! Love this idea!

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Top 5 DIY valentines kids crafts
DIYholidayTop 5Valentine's Day

1.  Friendship Bracelet Valentines from Dandee    2.  Princess and Super Hero Peg Doll Valentines from Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line  3.  Lucky In Love Scratch Off Valentines from BHG  4.  Envelope Valentines from Nest of Posies  5.  Peach Prize Ball Valentine from The Sweetest Occasion

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