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Every Sunday I make up at least one giant batch of food for the week.  This will be my go-to on busy nights or afternoons. If it works in a lunchbox, bonus points.  A favorite around this house is tuna salad, curried tuna salad in specific.  It transitions well for

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asian fish tacos with bok choy recipe in_the_know_mom

There was a time when I foolishly thought two kids would be easier than one.  I really believed that, and while they do occupy each other at times, I’ve never been more busy in my life.  Getting real meals on the table every night is a stretch, but somehow we

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I have given up on pre -dinner snacks in our household, usually because dinner is such a big event – as is dessert. So I do not expect people to eat anything, aside from a few olives or spiced nuts, before they make their way through the feast I will inevitabley serve. That being

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We all want what is safest for our kids, especially when it comes to the dinner table. When shopping, it can sometimes be hard to pass up the cheap, colorful placemats that are perfectly placed at our favorite department stores to trigger impulse buying. But what are these mats made

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eggplant moussaka

I recently re-connected with my old friend Roberta, I was happy (but not surprised) to see she was running the Sydney Seafood School (in Sydney, Australia) and deeply entrenched in the food industry with two books under her belt and a host of other achievements. Back in the day, Roberta

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