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roasted tomato with raisin and feta

It was many years ago that I used to entertain regularly (and I mean almost every weekend), so no matter how big or how small the occasion was, whether it was breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner – I found myself making a few standard things in preperation. Roasting tomatoes was

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cherry pie recipe
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There is something very charming about a Cherry Pie, the mere mention of one has me conjuering up images of a pie cooling on a windowsill in some idyllic country setting with a couple of swallows or bluebirds flying around outside. Here in the US, the Cherry Pie is a

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peach proscuitto mozzarella salad

This is a salad I have lived on every summer since I discovered it. The flavours are simple, fresh and beautiful, and with its milky orbs of buffalo mozzarella and segments of drippy golden peaches, it is quite possibly the sexiest Summer salad I have ever eaten. It comes from

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I love these little drink parasols from Martha.  They are not only adorable stirrers, but they will also help distinguish drinks during your Memorial Day festivities.  This DIY couldn’t be easier.  Simply print out the patterns, cut around, cut on the dotted line and form your parasol tops.  Use a

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This DIY is coming straight from Martha, DIY goddess.  First off, I absolutely love decorative trays of all kinds.  I think they are totally relevant to most every room in the house and you can never, never have enough.   What I love about decorative trays is that you can buy

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Birthday parties, playdates, house warming parties… they’re all events where you will have mixed guests.  When it comes to hosting an event where acquaintances will be, you can never be too safe, especially with kids.  Parents of kids with allergies will be singing your praises with these awesome tags from

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I’m a smoothie kind of girl.  Lately, I’ve been on a diet heavily based on liquids.  My goal is not to lose weight, it’s to eat more fruits and vegetables each day than I would normally.  When you blend the natural gems together, it’s so easy to really get a

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Bailey Doesn’t Bark is a contemporary home and life accessories company who is inspired by dreams and nature, creating the most beautiful set of cups I’ve ever scene. These are a must-have for any coffee/tea cabinet! Imagine waking up, opening your cabinet, and seeing these inspiring mugs – they will

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