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There is something about these stream-lined glasses that thrills me.  When it comes to drinking vessels, you can’t beat hand-blown glass.  There are a couple pitfalls to glass though: it sweats with cold liquid (condensation) and  heat escapes from hot liquid.  Mimuno has designed a smart, functional, and attractive line

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Glazed Carrots

When I am doing a big Sunday roast and serving a mountain of vegetables I like to liven them up a little. Perhaps not all of them, because baby green beans in their natural state can be superb when accompanying a roast, but certainly carrots – sometimes I feel they

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The hurricane that hit NYC last week caused most of the city to shut down over the weekend, so our anniversary plans changed from dinner out to dinner at home.  While everyone was stocking up on water and batteries, I was out buying a tenderloin.  Luckily, we were stocked with

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Chocolate Pots De Creme

Here is something most people don’t know about me – every so often I cartwheel just to make sure I still have ‘it’. In fact there are a couple of things that I do with the similar regularity for the same reason, climbing trees, hanging off monkey bars, eating cake

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While reading my beloved Self magazine one day, I came across the delicious Curtis Stone recommending his favorite kitchen gadgets. My eyes were immediately drawn to the cherry VeggiSteam from Chef’n. I hopped on my computer and looked up their website. Their mission is to make better tools so you can make

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My daughter is finally at the point where she most only drinks from regular cups.  This is monumental.  I do, however, still need a cup with a lid and this is why I sought out EIO.   It is a shame that I am just finding this kids cup now,

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I have been dieting for about a week now so any chance to eat ice cream without a negative impact on my daily calories is an amazing thing! I came across this while pinning around pinterest and I immediately had to try it. You make ice cream using only 1

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Wondering what to do with the abundance of fresh basil this time of year?  I love to make basil infused olive oil and drizzle it over heirloom tomatoes, grilled eggplant, fresh mozzarella and broiled fish.  I also serve it as a dipping oil with crusty bread, or toss it with any grilled veggie for a flavorful side

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A lot of child dining sets are just that, full sets, which is great.  But you need to build on those sets, adding in extra staple items, like cereal bowls.  My daughter is a big grazer.  She prefers to have several different foods all separated into individual bowls.  At any

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strawberries and balsamic recipe

Here is one of the easiest desserts I have ever made – it is perfect for these sultry Summer evenings without even the merest whisper of a breeze to cool us down. The balsamic vinegar enhances the flavour of the strawberries and brings out their colour beautifully. And after they have macerated

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